Household Manual-Why would I do this?


February 6, 2013 by Tess

We sometimes get funny looks when we talk about “Manuals”. Much to our surprise (and horror!) some people have never even HEARD of such a concept!

To put it into simpler terms, could you imagine buying an appliance or electronics with no directions available? We have recipe books, instruction manuals for our washer and dryer, and at work our company likely has an operations or employee manual.¬†Nearly everything you buy, build, or touch has instructions, and we would all be in a heap of trouble if they didn’t! Our homes and relationships are no less complicated, yet those don’t come with a book of directions!

Did you ever wonder how those people who seem so thoughtful and get so much accomplished manage it all? Those people we admire certainly don’t all have stellar memories, or simply natural talent. If you were to ask them (and we do!) how they do it all the most common answer is organization!

Household Manuals are the best way we know to stay organized, stay on time, and get it all done! You have to buy-into the concept before you can successfully employee it. Does a system of organization speak to you? Would you be served by the ability to have things at your fingertips? Where “The Lists” reside?

What are your organizational challenges? What are your needs? Where do you always seem to find stress in your life? What details always seem to ‘slip your mind’ or wake you up because you’re worried about forgetting? Figuring out your needs and those of your family is the first step to creating a system that serves you!


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