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Wen is by nature a service-oriented person.  Even as a child, she naturally engaged in service, often participating in family gatherings as a “server” and then staying to clean and wash. She has continued in that calling first as a lifeguard, computer programmer & end-user educator, massage therapist and ICU burn nurse.  Wen’s life philosophy is that it is through service that we change the world – one act at a time.

A lover of simple living, Wen brings her experience in understanding how people, patterns and systems interrelate to achieve a harmonious balance.  She believes it is possible to be many things to many people while simplifying your life and doing the things that bring you joy – and she openly shares the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful of her life experiences with others as one more form of service.

Wen’s favorite hang-out is the non-fiction floor of the library because she is a life-long learner and avid collector of information.  Her interests range from the practical how-tos of domestic living to the intricacies of human biologic pathogens.

When it comes to the Art of Service, Wen is a strong advocate that service isn’t about following a strict recipe or trying to do it the same way someone else does.  It is about combining a basic foundation of knowledge and skills with your interests, style and personality to make it your own.

Wen combines her many life experiences and serving fetish in the BDSM lifestyle through group facilitation, writing, presenting and teaching.  She has been involved in the BDSM community since the mid-1990s, first in the Northeast and most recently in the Southwest.  Wen enjoys working with others to build community and foster individual passions by combining tradition and innovation.  She is the facilitator of the Submissive Forum for Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) where consensus and group building concepts are put to practice, co-facilitator of the Book Discussion group where technology is used to connect kinky readers to BDSM writers, and co-facilitator with Tess for the Service Skills series where discussion, skills, passion and interests are shared.


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