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Defining Service Workshop

We all see service a little differently, and we all find our “service” need met in different ways. Top or bottom, this workshop will help us find the tools to identify our particular need to serve or receive service, and help us to learn to communicate those needs so that we may discover our paths to fulfillment.

This class will include a personal worksheet-exercise and a reflection with a group to identify and define your service needs, and see the commonalities in our community about service.

At the end of this class you will be prepared to:
• Define service for you and your relationships
• Identify what kinds of service most appeal to you
• Develop a plan to meet those needs within your own relationships/potential relationships
• Create a strategy for communicating your needs to those around you

Tess will facilitate this class, and provide you with the tools and definitions you will need to reach your conclusions, and give you some communication tools that will allow you to put this information to practical use. This is not a lecture environment; it is an interactive class where you decide your right answer.

Presenting to the Kink Community

Presenting in the Kink Community is a skill that isn’t something that comes naturally. A unique set of needs requires a unique preparation and skill set. Learn some of the “solid” strategies for presenting in the fetish world, and learn how to handle some of our most challenging characters. In her fun way, Tess will help you navigate some of the land mines that are particular to presenting to this unique and diverse group of people.


When Type-A and S-Type Collide

A relationship dynamic is not a personality trait. How to manage both things inside an authority transfer relationship can be tricky. How a type A personality manages being an s-type while ruling the world!


The Empowered S-Type: Realizing your power and choosing the right partner

So you’ve decided you want to be in an Authority Transfer Relationship? Awesome!  However, you must HAVE power or authority-and be able to communicate what you have to offer – in order to give it away. What value do you have to give your D-Type or M-Type? What do you need from a D-Type or M-Type? Where are you in your life, and how do you visualize a relationship enhancing that? Are you ready for a relationship?

Merely “Having your specific set of pink bits” is not enough. If you believe your value or worth is in your specific set of genitals, you are NOT ready for a relationship!

When someone comes into the scene, or decides they know what they want-that’s a good thing. However, the sense of time lost and their excitement can be a formula for disaster. Those people often want to do everything RIGHT NOW, and that leads to some poor decision making. Jumping into relationships, dynamics, and unsafe play situations are bad decisions with consequences that most people don’t realize exist.

You deserve an amazing relationship! You deserve the life you want. Sometimes finding those things just takes a little focus and some self-examination to get you on the right path!

Note about this class: This is a 4 Hour intensive with a workbook!

Archer and Tess Class List


Communication and Negotiation

Lifestyle folks sometimes seem to speak another language. What works in the vanilla world is sometimes demonized in the lifestyle. Before you know it someone thinks you are disrespectful or predatory when you were just trying to say “hello”. How do you approach people? How do you ask someone to play? How do you effectively negotiate when you don’t have years of experience? Learn some tools to help you navigate the lifestyle language to include: How to approach someone and introduce yourself, avoiding the landmines of negotiation, a working vocabulary of the BDSM alphabet soup, and other effective communication tools.

You will get to see some role played negotiations for some real-life models to help you with the vocabulary to communicate boundaries/limits/wants. You will also get some real-world information on the different ways a negotiation can be structured so you can choose the method most comfortable for you.

Intermediate wax play

You’ve played with candles. You’ve enjoyed the sensuous feel and the sudden burning sensation of paraffin hitting your skin. Where do you go from here?

Wax-play means many things to us. For some it is an SM scene with burning candles, for others it is a spa-like experience. Wax can be poured with ladels to make a huge mess, or can be carefully controlled. You can work with layer after layer building on sensation and your bottom can become a living piece of art!

Archer discusses basic wax play theory, preparation and safety, then moves on to intermediate level discussion of the technical aspects of candle alternatives, new tips and tricks for preparing and caring for your wax, the advantages of non-open flame wax play.

Tess discusses alternatives to the traditional wax scene including service and performance art, and she demonstrates how you can refine technique for various creative and artistic expressions using wax.

*can be done hands-on

Fire Play

Introduction to Fire Play

The safety, practice, and applications of fire for play and therapy.

Fire Cups

From basic to advanced. Also includes some blood-cupping.

Fire Wands

Includes a make and take so you can bring your own Fire Wands home with you!

Sensual Fire Play and Fire Massage

Walking the EDGE with Fire: Includes Fire Flogging, Fire Whips, Poi etc.



We all have an idea about what ‘safety’ means for us. However, are you sure you are as safe as you can be? Are you sure you and your partner mean the same thing when you use that word? Come and learn a common language we can all use to communicate safety within our interactions, learn some easy ways to protect yourself, and hear some hilarious stories of things gone wrong!

The subjects covered will be:
• First Aid: Supplies and Preparedness
• Safe Words/Signals
• Safety at the Dungeon
• When to call 911
• How to identify distress
• Communicating safety issues
• How to handle a REAL emergency
• The importance of Communicating Health Issues/Limits
• The importance of negotiations

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