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Sharps! Attack

We have all been fascinated by photos of lips sutured closed, or zippers sewn on vaginas.  While those techniques are for a more advanced class, this 90 minute class provides an introduction into using sutures in your BDSM activities.  Wen takes you through the basic suture stitches and the mechanics of a surgeon’s knot and then provides a hands-on opportunity to perfect your skills and provide ideas on how to utilize your skills in a BDSM context for simple sutures, such as sewing on a dildo, using predicament suturing and securing that errant butt plug.  This class is appropriate for beginners and those who want to explore their personal edges.
Maximum class size is 25 for hands-on interactive learning.  This class can also be a demonstration/lecture format (without hands-on) to accommodate larger class sizes.

Supplies provided by Wen: suture kits, booklet on basic techniques and supply resources.

Hosting organizations should be willing to provide demonstration model(s).


Ritual Union

Most of us consciously or unconsciously enhance our BDSM journey by combining energy work with BDSM tools.  In this 2-hour class we will use needles for ENERGY exchange: creating tokens/needle emblems and then using monofilament and needles to activate the chakras and create a ritual union with your partner(s).

Maximum class size is 25 for hands-on interactive learning.  This class can also be a demonstration/lecture format (without hands-on) to accommodate larger class sizes.

Supplies provided by Wen: needles, prepared monofilament, booklet on techniques and supply resources.

Hosting organizations should be willing to provide a demonstration model.


Subtle Synergies

Have you ever experienced a mind-blowing scene with someone and then sometime later discovered they experienced the scene in a completely different way?  Chances are, the same scene will be experienced differently based on your primary sense language.  This 90 minute, interactive class explores how we can determine our primary sense as well asthat of our BDSM partner(s), and then provides some ideas on how we can incorporate this more fully into our BDSM experiences.

No maximum class size, though an estimate of attendees is helpful in providing sufficient “interactive” supplies for the participants.

All supplies provided by Wen.


Happy Endings Guaranteed

Have you ever started giving your partner a massage and then 10 minutes into it discovered your plans need to cut short because your arms and hands are tired?  Chances are, you are working harder than you need to.  Perhaps you think you need a massage table and all sorts of fancy oils to give a great massage.  Not so!  This 3 to 4 hour hands-on erotic massage class provides an overview of massage strokes, adaptations for floor or bed massage, and gives you a primer on body mechanics and full-body routines, including genital massage.

Maximum class size is 20.

Wen provides oils and a booklet with resources, recipes and routines.

Class participants should bring pillows (at least 2) and a blanket & sheet to class.


Honey Do Me!

Most of us have gone to a conference without the toy-bag, or had a spontaneous connection with someone for a play date but left all those great toys at home?  Never fear, this 90 minute interactive class will provide opportunities for devious and creative scene play using simple implements of pleasure and pain that can be picked up at your local office supply, Asian restaurant & grocery store. We’ll construct zippers, nipple clamps and bondage rope all under $10. You’ll receive a Mystery Bag of supplies to make your own devious implement(s) to share with the other class participants.

No maximum class size, though an estimation of class size will provide sufficient supplies for all attendees.

Wen provides all supplies, along with a how-to handout for zippers, nipple clamps and bondage rope.


Cooking Up a Hot Scene

Have you ever seen the Topperware Party – where the Tops bring out their “toy chests” and do a show-and-tell type of display – carefully placing each toy or implement on a stand or table?  How many times are each of those implements and toys actually used in the scene that follows?  It’s a lot like a cook getting out all the pots, pans, spices in the kitchen and then making a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.  Sometimes we just want a simple sandwich, but most of the time we enjoy variety and richness in our food, as well as our BDSM.  In this class, Wen provides some insight into how to add sugar and spice, everything naughty and nice to tease, tempt and tantalize your play partner(s) by exploring the basic recipe and then adding to it, including timing, importance of variation, building up intensity.

No maximum class size.

Wen provides a basic handout including essential elements for making your own memorable appetizer, main course and dessert within your BDSM.


What’s in Your Toy Bag?

Toys, right?  But what else is in there?  If you are a submissive type do you bring your own toys to the dungeon?  If you are a dominant type do you use your toys on more than one person?  How many of us go home after a night at the dungeon, remove all our toys, wipe down the inside of the bag/suitcase/toolbox, and clean all our toys?   This 90 minute interactive class will provide the Low-Down on STIs in the Dungeon, discuss ways to minimize transmission, and how to disinfect and/or clean your toys – including your finest leather goods.

No maximum class size.

Wen provides a booklet on common STIs that can be transmitted in typical dungeon interactions, recommendations on changing culture and awareness and a list of resources on resources and research for effective means of cleaning your BDSM tools to minimize transmission of STIs.


The Graying of the Dungeon

Did you know you start losing bone mass in your 30s?  And that if you are playing with someone in their 40s you might want to confirm they can see well enough to thread that needle you’re your most sensitive areola.  Did you also know that women in their 50s tend to be more sexually active than in their 30s?  Let’s face it, many of us who started in our 20s didn’t give much thought to whether we would actually be playing in a dungeon in our 50s and 60s.  As the Baby Boomer generation ages, we find ourselves not ready to give up our dungeon play – and we find ourselves playing with folks of all ages – from the 20s to their 80s.  This 90 minute interactive class provides an overview of the trends in aging and how that affects our dungeon play and activities.  We’ll discuss health issues, visible and invisible disabilities and how to adapt our play preferences to accommodate for intergenerational dungeon activities.

No maximum class size.

Wen provides a handout on aging facts and myths as well as suggestions for accommodations and considerations for common health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, COPD, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.


Permission to Pee, Please?

Water sports is an “edge” for many folks, whether it is something as simple as being forced to hold your pee or something more daring like drinking your partner’s urine.  This class explores the taboo and fetish of water sports, and provides a hands-on interactive opportunity on indwelling catheters for “body function control” for those wanting to add an edge to your BDSM.

Maximum class size is 20 individuals or 15 couples.  Cost for supplies is $15 per attendee for catheter kits.  Attendees should bring a massage table as well.

Host organization should be able to accommodate 10-15 massage tables and have sufficient bathrooms available for attendees to release urine.  Requires medical or massage tables.


Classes specifically for S-Types

Gracefully Yours

Ever felt like a bull in a china shop as you attempted to kneel and then rise?  This interactive 90 minute class is specifically for submissive types seeking to learn the basic skills for gracefully kneeling, presenting and rising whether in barefeet or high heels. Accommodations for the aging and disabled body, along with hints, tips and techniques for preventing numbness and tingling from circulation stasis!  Please come dressed comfortably for a warm-up stretching session and bring several different types of shoes you will be wearing while in service (high heels, boots, barefoot, etc.)  This class requires participation for the most benefit and is limited to submissive types only.

Maximum class size is 40.

Wen provides a handbook with exercises and adaptations for health conditions, as well as diagrams and practice routines for you to take home, explore and adapt to your own needs.


Pretty as a Flower

Do you watch Downton Abbey and wish you could emulate the perfectly tactful and polite skills of the servants as they answer the queries of the gentry? I find I alternate between amusement and admiration.  One of the more challenging aspects of submission is the ability to remain “pleasing” to the one we serve when an order or command has our mind screaming “No F-N Way!” The challenge is that while our words may say “As it pleases you”, our minds and our bodies are communicating a completely different message.  This interactive 90 minute class delves into how to align mind, body and spirit in all areas of language.  Using some of the historical teachings of service schools, courtesans and modern customer service models, we address some of the myths of “a perfect submissive”, discuss the “get real” stuff about core values vs. learned values and engage in exercises designed to help us align all the messages we send in service.

Maximum class size is 40.

Wen provides a handbook with exercises and resources for furthering your service language skills.



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