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Service: Household Manuals

Every company has an operations manual. Every appliance we buy comes with directions. Every recipe has instructions. Nearly everything you buy, build, or touch has instructions, and we would all be in a heap of trouble if they didn’t! Our homes and relationships are no less complicated, yet those don’t come with a book of directions! We’re taking a page from our Professional Service Industry folks with this month’s subject: The Household Manual.

Did you ever wonder how those people who seem so thoughtful and get so much accomplished manage it all? Those people we admire certainly don’t all have stellar memories, or simply natural talent. If you were to ask them (and we do!) how they do it all the most common answer is organization.

Have you ever woken up in the wee-hours of the morning because there was something important you forgot to do? Thoughtful service is something we can all achieve with the right tools. Imagine a world where your significant other comes home to a calm and organized household where everything is already finished. You can then enjoy your time as you choose rather than doing catch-up from your busy day! With all the things in our hectic lives, why not strive to create a calm environment to maximize productivity, efficiency and peace of mind. The more organized you are, the calmer you can be, and the more you can get accomplished!

Even if your brand of service is not in the home, a Household Manual (or whatever title you prefer) is still a tool that will keep you calm, organized, and providing the best service to your home, family, and community.

This workshop will include:

  • Learning how to create a household manual
  • Learning how to use a household manual
  • If you already use one, you can learn new approaches from your peers
  • See several examples
  • Learn what questions to ask
  • How to organize your information
  • A template so you can begin your own!
  • A reading list that may help you to customize your manual, or decide if you need one!

If you already have something of a manual: On Paper, Electronic, Apps that work for you to stay organized and on task-please bring those to share! We can all learn from each other and leave with the tools to provide service in an organized and time-effective manner!

This is not a classroom environment. While we will have Subject Matter Experts on hand for instruction, this workshop is designed to be place where we can learn from each other. Your idea may be the key to someone’s biggest dilemma, so share your thoughts with all of us, so we can all be the best we can be!

Service: Organizing the Home

Do you spend a lot of time looking for things? Do you have piles of things that you don’t know what to do with? Do you see other people’s homes and think “how do they manage to have all those flat surfaces clean?”

Mess means stress! Putting the same amount of energy into organizing your home that you put into looking for things would net you positive and sustainable results! After a busy day of work, you want to come home to a refuge, not another full time job dealing with the mess at home. Maybe you run out of energy and just sit around feeling terrible about it? An organized home saves time, money, and other resources – including your energy!

We’ll talk about goal setting, and how to set a schedule, enlist help (or hire it), make it fun, and reward yourself! We’ll share some quick, smart strategies for battling our clutter monsters and most despised jobs. We will also present some challenges that we can do together!

There are 100 systems, 100 different books, a million ideas and tools. We will go over some of them. Talk about what works for us, and discuss our bigger challenges.

A workbook with some ideas and tools will be provided, but some of you are GREAT at staying organized, we’re counting on you to bring your best ideas so we can ALL be better!

Service: Care and Handling Skills- Giving Good Head… and neck, shoulder, hand and foot massages

We can all recognize the benefits of massage releasing tension, relaxing, and a way to unwind. Learning to help your partner relax can be the greatest service you can deliver. In addition to being indulgent, relaxing, and good for you according to the Mayo Clinic massage can help regulate blood pressure, and boost your immune system!  When done well, at at-home massage can have serious benefits to both relaxation and connection for both you and your partner. It involves caring, comfort, a sense of empowerment and creates a strong connection for both of you.


Service: Leather Care

Exceptional service includes how we care for our things. Many of us find it a source of pride that our person or persons are well groomed, and present well. Care for animal hide garments is a special skill set beyond our ability to iron!

This month’s workshop in service will include: Leather care, suede care, boot care, shoe care, shoe shining skills, and what kinds of supplies you need to provide excellent service when caring for leather garments. Several people will share their ideas about how to bring these ordinary activities into our realm of extraordinary service!

Please bring any garment you have questions or concerns with, and please bring your supplies. Some supplies will be available for use by participants, and a list of supplies and where to acquire them will also be included.

As always, this will be an exchange of information and ideas so we can create extraordinary service in our own lives.

Service: Dining with Elegance

We will talk about how to do a proper formal service, discuss the tools, process, and environment to create a truly formal meal. We will discuss meal and course planning, table setting, guest seating, service order, and proper etiquette. We will show you how to set an elegant table regardless of the dishes and service pieces at your disposal.

It is important to note that truly formal dinners don’t happen often. They are hard work for everyone involved! We favor more casual dining in the Southwest because we are a more casual culture. However, more casual dining does NOT mean that you can’t have an elegant casual table, and have amazing and memorable events.

Good table and service matter. You are creating an experience for your guests. We will talk about how to make sure your guests are comfortable, and how to plan an evening everyone can enjoy. Like all other subjects in the service series it is your responsibility to take the things that speak to you and add to your table, and leave the rest!

Service: Shaving

The art of shaving is often lost in “get it done so I can move on with my day”. This experience can be just as fulfilling as a massage if you approach it as a service. Using a straight razor, a safety razor, or even an electric razor can feel as good and pampering as anything we do to care for ourselves.

As always, this class will focus on the service of the activity rather than merely the technical details. We will discuss skin prep, soaps vs. lotions vs. gels, and how to make shaving a service activity.

We will also discuss razor safety, and give you a 101 lesson on straight razor shaving as it is something we enjoy. We’ll share resources and exercises so you can trust yourself with this deadly weapon with confidence!

Service: Self Care-Dressing for your body type

If you’re lucky enough to be a size zero and 6 feet tall, yay you! Thank your parents for exceptional genetics. For the rest of us, dressing appropriately for our bodies is something we have to learn. While it is important to know HOW to do this, it is just as important to know your style. Learn how to dress for your body type while maintaining or creating your individual style without spending a fortune! We can show you how to use what you HAVE, how to shop SMART, and how to get the most out of some simple rules-of-thumb! We will also discuss color theory and as always, some practical hands-on to make this about YOU!

In addition to focusing on some self care, we will also discuss how to help you with the people in your lives. In service, many of us are responsible for dressing ourselves and the people to which we are responsible. This month we will focus on dressing for your body type for both men and women, so if you are called to shop or dress someone else, you can do so with confidence!

Service: Self Care-Balancing Service, Work & Home

We wish there was a magic wand that made our lives perfectly serene and always peaceful.  But that is about as likely as winning the mega-bucks, so for most of us, we have to figure out how to balance the ups & downs, curve balls and zingers that happen every day.

The unique problem service-oriented folks have is how to balance the to-do lists and chores which are part of every one’s life with the service-specific tasks and duties that come from being in relationship.

In order to achieve a good balance, every person needs:

  • Organization skills,
  • Prioritization, and
  • Time management.


Service-oriented individuals must also balance the priorities, needs and desires of those they serve.  This adds two additional skills to the mix:

  • Conflict management, and
  • Communication


We live in a fast-forward world. For most people there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything they need to do, let alone the things that they want to do. Although it takes practice, you can train yourself to manage your responsibilities and create time to do what makes you feel alive and refreshed, whether it’s a hobby, exercise, or maintaining relationships.

Meeting the demands of work and chores and still making more time for the people and things you love will require you to consider new options and investigate fresh possibilities. You can make your own personal formula for balance by focusing on your goals, streamlining your activities, becoming more efficient and delegating effectively.

We will discuss the things we ‘have’ to do, and the things we ‘want’ to do. We will go over some proven strategies so you can stop the stress, stop being late, and get it all done.

Service: The Art of Servant’s Language

In addition to words, we use our bodies to communicate. Sometimes this is unconscious and other times it is intentional. When people talk about protocols, one of the things we tend to focus on is how we carry ourselves and position our bodies. You may not be able to define the difference between the waitress at Denny’s and the one at a 4-star restaurant, but you can feel the difference in the degree and level of service and attention they give to you and the pride they take in their service. You also find yourself acting differently in receiving that service. Some of it may is based on what you expect; another aspect involves an unconscious response to the service you are receiving.

Tess & Wen provide a brief history of the servant’s training and use of body language, incorporating tools and techniques used in the trades to elicit certain responses. This workshop provides physical exercises you can take home and adapt to the preferences of those you serve.

You will come away from this interactive workshop with a greater appreciation of how little things can elevate a simple bow to a powerful, graceful acknowledgement that communicates, “It’s an honor to serve you”. Don’t worry if you aren’t a flexible, youthful 20 year old – this class is designed to give you the tools to take home and adapt to your specific needs and/or health restrictions.

Bring your questions, your specific challenges and share in an interactive environment with your peers as we learn from one another the small things we all can use to improve our body language in service.


Additional Classes Coming Soon:

  • Manicure/Pedicure Skills
  • Mixology & Wine 101
  • Tea Service (English/Asian) Can include herbal remedies
  • Being the ultimate assistant
  • Clothing care: laundering, mending, storing and up-cycling
  • Managing Household Accounts
  • Anticipatory Service
  • Shopping for your Household on Any Budget

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