Day 1 of Organizing the Home: Our Organizational Goals


February 12, 2014 by Tess

Our class at APEX tonight was amazing! What an inspiring bunch of people! We’re very excited to begin this process with all of you!

Day 1 of our February mission is to solidify our goals. We made some notes about what we would do if if we had a clean, decluttered, and organized home. Our goal now is to take those and make goal statements.

These do not have to be revolutionary, merely a statement or two (or three!) that remind you why you are taking the time to do this. Why it is important to you!

Some examples:

  • I want to alter my daily routine so that I can keep up on my house and reduce the stress that a clutter house brings.
  • I want to keep my house clean and organized so that I can have company,¬† spend my free time relaxing, and be proud of my home.
  • I want my (INSERT TROUBLESPOT) to no longer create stress in my life!
  • I want an organized kitchen so I can bake without stress.
  • I want an organized closet so that getting ready for work is faster and easier.
  • I want to organize my home to better accomodate the people I serve.
  • I want to organize the kitchen so my partner doesn’t have to waste time looking for things.

Any of those kinds of statements will work! Write it on page 59 of your workbook. Even better, pull out pages 59-61 and put those pages in your Household Manual. Heck, write it on your bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker! Do whatever will work to look at it every day!

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