February’s Topic is: Organizing the Home


February 11, 2014 by Tess

February’s focus will be Organizing the home.

Do you spend a lot of time looking for things? Do you have piles of things that

you don’t know what to do with? Do you see other people’s homes and think “how

do they manage to have all those flat surfaces clean?”

Mess means stress! Putting the same amount of energy into organizing your home that you put into looking for things would net you positive and sustainable results! After a

busy day of work, you want to come home to a refuge, not another full time job

dealing with the mess at home. Maybe you run out of energy and just sit around

feeling terrible about it? An organized home saves time, money, and other

resources – including your energy!

Our February class at the Arizona Power Exchange will focus on this subject. We’ll talk about goal setting, and how to set a schedule, enlist help (or hire it), make it fun, and reward yourself! We’ll share some quick, smart strategies for battling our clutter monsters and most despised jobs. We will also present some challenges that we

can do together!

There are 100 systems, 100 different books, a million ideas and tools. We willl go over some of them. Talk about what works for us, and discuss our bigger challenges.

A workbook with some ideas and tools will be provided, but some of you are GREAT at staying organized, we’re counting on you to bring your best ideas so we can ALL be better!

This month’s posts will focus on this subject, and we will share some additional tips as we go! Happy Organizing!

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