Week 1 Of Organizing the Home: Organizational Systems Review


February 13, 2014 by Tess


Go back to pages 7-12 and look at the various systems.  Also use pages pages 14-33 and any of the ideas there that speak to you. Make notes about the Organizational Systems and Steps that make sense to you.  You can choose an “Every Day”, “Reset” or “Troublespot” system, or you can just choose something that addresses the most important part(s) of your list of 10 things from page 13.

Create a plan. Grab your exercise on page 13 and use this as a reference. It doesn’t matter WHAT you choose, and it doesn’t have to solve all your problems. Be reasonable and realistic with your time.  Small steps are better than setting aside days to exhaust yourself. It is OK to say “Today I am going to clean off and dust THIS table”. Or “Today I will give away all the coffee mugs that I don’t use”!

Let’s learn from each other! Post below the things you find out, or your organization or process choices. It’s OK to post several times! Share things with us as you find out!

We’re looking forward to seeing what speaks to all of the differing organizational styles and different goals and needs!


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