Week 2 of Organizing the Home: Our First Steps


February 20, 2014 by Tess

We’ve had some time to look at our workbooks and decide what kind of system might work for us. —

What did you choose? How did you choose it?

  • A Daily System?
  • A System to “Reset”?
  • A System for a “Troublespot”?

Was the workbook helpful, or did it make more sense to just go for it? Did you choose a particular area, a particular project?

Your First Steps

You’ve figured out the process or system that will work for you, now prioritize! Make sure what you choose addressed the Top 10 List on page 13 (after all, all that matters is what is important to YOU!). Make your list of steps. Will you address 4 of the 5 things? Are you following a system that will get your 10 things done eventually? Have you chosen a weekend of Spring cleaning? Write it down, and outline the process.  How will you begin?

Take and post “before” pictures!

—Let’s hold ourselves accountable!  Let’s celebrate our progress together.

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