October Service Topic: Decoding a Tea Service


September 18, 2014 by Tess

High Tea, Meat Tea, Afternoon tea, Hospitality Tea Service, Asian Service, Silver Service, China, Japanese Tea Service, English Tea Service, Silver Service, Farmers Tea, Sporting Tea, Light Tea, Full Tea, Royal Tea, Strawberry Tea, High Tea, Card Party Tea, Cream Tea…the list seems to be never ending!

There are many kinds of tea service and it can be very confusing. Some people are intimidated that they will choose the wrong service, the wrong etiquette, or just be “wrong”.

We will talk about the history of tea service beginning with China (where it was discovered) and finish with a modern day hospitality service which is a sort of modern hybrid of many options.

Tea service does not have to be a mystical and complex affair. An elegant event can be done with just a small amount of preparation and you can spend your time enjoying the company instead of worrying about being “right”.

We will define each of these kinds of service and share with you the tools and skills required (there aren’t many). We will share common etiquette with you (which is not terribly complex, we promise!).
• History
• Definitions and vocabulary
• Etiquette
• Tools
• Supplies
• How to host a tea party

Stay tuned while we help you decode a tea service.

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