A new year, a new opportunity!


January 10, 2014 by Tess

We always teach people that what makes service special is YOU. Remember to make everyday things extraordinary! Make common tasks uncommon. Take your personality and the things that are special about you and put it into your delivery! YOU are what make service an amazing thing.

Tess doesn’t do resolutions, but January is a good time to set some goals. What skills could you learn this year to make bring your service to the next level? Below is a list of some of the things that you can learn to step up your game in 2014:

Start your Household Manual-class on January 14th at APEX. The book to be available at Amazon later this year.

Learn how to:

  • Care for leather
  • Iron like a dry cleaner
  • Set a table
  • Shave someone else
  • Give a killer massage
  • Organize your home
  • Garden and grow your own herbs
  • Cook amazing meals
  • Throw a dinner party
  • Dress yourself (or other) for your body type
  • Balance your time

Whatever you decide to learn in 2014, make it fun! Adding things to your service resume should be a joy for you and the people you serve!

We want you to have an amazing New Year, and wish you the brightest blessings.




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