Getting Ready to Get Ready


March 18, 2013 by Tess

Often people spend so much time ‘getting ready to get ready’ that they don’t actually accomplish a lot. Remember, even the most perfect system requires time and energy to create, but it doesn’t happen overnight!

Take the pressure off! If it is household manuals, organizing your home, or getting to know the ones you serve, it all happens over time. Take things in bite size pieces, take baby steps, and give yourself a break!

Some tips on how to get started are below, but remember what you are doing right now is enough. Provide excellent service in all that you do, and it is ENOUGH! Give yourself permission to do small things, to build slowly!

Baby Steps for a Household Manual: Make a list of all the things you want to go INTO your manual. Make a list of sections, questions, things you want to know. Then put it into a binder. LOOK! It is the beginning of a manual! Then just pick one thing a month (or a week if it is something small and you have the time). Create sections as you have them, and before you know it you have something that is useful to your family!

Baby Steps for Organizing your Home: Make a list of all the things you want to organize, or wish were organized differently. Stuff this in a binder. Not only do you have the beginning of a household manual, you have a section! Pick one thing a month to work on! (Search this site for ‘organizing the home’ tips).

Baby Steps for Chores: Make lists! Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually. Things that must be done. If there is a list, it can be divided!



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