It’s all about awareness!


July 28, 2014 by Tess

Appropriate body language is all about awareness. For those of you who avoid mirrors you will really dislike this, but paying attention to how you do things will make a big difference in what you present to the world.

1. Think about your mannerisms. Do you play with your hair, tug on your clothes, or otherwise fidget? Do these in a mirror. Does that gesture say what you want it to say?

2. When you talk on the phone look in the mirror. You will learn a lot about how you present yourself and be able to adjust.

3. Practice sitting, standing, and walking in a mirror. Discover how you best present yourself and practice!

4. Get your friends to help. Ask them what your nervous gestures are, then catch yourself doing them.

5. Pay attention to everything you do! If it isn’t deliberate, and doesn’t flatter or say what you want to say…change the habit!

It doesn’t take long to change your body language, it just takes some focus. You can present yourself in any way you choose-so choose something that is most flattering!


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