No one needs to KNOW you are an introvert!


July 22, 2014 by Tess

While social situations may make you feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to look uncomfortable. In fact, by practicing some good body language not only will you appear more confident, you will begin to feel more confident as well.

Don’t cross anything!

Avoid crossing your arms or tightly crossing your legs. Keep yourself open to the people around you. It makes you appear more approachable and also helps your attitude. All that body crossing lowers your testosterone and increases cortisol (the stress hormone), opening yourself up not only makes you appear more open, it makes you feel more open!

Claim your territory

Take up more space. Don’t tuck your head down or your shoulders in. Expand your personal footprint. Keep your head high, sit larger in your chair, choose a large chair, and walk with longer strides. You will appear more confident, and eventually you will feel more confident as well.

Stay away from your electronics

Hunching over your phone or tablet puts you in a less confident and powerful position. Put your phone away! If you must be checking something on your phone, hold it up and away from you. Use it to take up more space.

Staying open and taking up space will help you feel confident and secure. Remember, fake it til you make it. When you’re feeling insecure, appear to be just the opposite and eventually your brain will follow you!

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