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November 7, 2013 by Tess

Asking someone “what is your favorite X” can be a nightmare. It is stressful for the person you are trying to provide excellent service! When you ask for ‘favorites’ there’s a ton of pressure to ‘get it right’, and then they feel stuck with it. That’s a terrible position to put someone in!

While discussing household manuals over dinner one night with some friends, we learned a fun trick from our friend Cypress! She is elegant and graceful, and she has the BEST ideas! We’ve gotten her permission to share her clever trick here.

When Cypress was learning how to cook for/care for her significant other, she made a game of figuring out his ‘favorites’ – The Questions Game!  She did it like this:

What do you like better  X or Y? In progression, you can do this with EVERYTHING! Food types, food preparation, laundry, ironing, cleaning, filing, and anything else that can require input from the people you serve.

You don’t have to do this all in one shot. It will start to feel like an interrogation. Choose one thing and make it a fun dinner game, or while driving somewhere, or over coffee. Whenever makes it fun and interesting for everyone!

Some examples:

What do you like better…

Carrots or Green Beans, then move on with that answer. If they choose Carrots then ask Carrots or Broccoli and if they answer Brocolli ask Brocolli or Califlower until you go through everything you know how to cook! Create a little matrix for yourself like the PDF attached to this post!

You can then start on preparations. For example: I found out the hard way Archer doesn’t really enjoy cream sauces. Had I played “The Questions Game” I could have known that far sooner, and he would have enjoyed that particular dinner far more!

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