Your deportment speaks loudly!


July 2, 2014 by Tess

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that there are a few people who stand out? It rarely has anything to do with what they say, and more about their general deportment. “Deportment” refers to someone’s behavior-typically their physical behavior in the way someone stands and moves. So, when we talk about deportment, we’re addressing what we see.

Deportment is about having elegance, grace, poise and high self-esteem. A confidence is emitted from the way you stand, walk and sit. It can also help you look youthful and vibrant.

This is what learning about deportment and confidence can do for you. You too can signal clearly that your expectations for yourself are high!

We don’t mean to make you paranoid, but you should know that people are watching you. When you’re talking, they’re consciously and unconsciously interpreting your movements and gestures, and making assumptions about your mood, intent and competency. You’re probably giving them plenty of juicy material to read, says executive coach Carol Kinsey Goman, PhD, who points out that, in 30 minutes, two people can send over 800 nonverbal signals. By becoming more aware of your physical presence, says Goman, a former therapist and author of The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help—or Hurt—How You Lead, you can use body language to tell your story the way you want, with a happier and more satisfying ending.

Communication is all about messages. There are the verbal and written messages we use during interactions, but there is, also, that constant non-verbal flow of communication we call body language which sometimes “speaks” even louder than the verbal.

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