So, you waited…now what?


December 23, 2013 by Tess

You waited until the last minute and now you are scrambling to make the Holiday’s Happen. That is the sad fact for many of us. While all the Holiday hoopla needs attention, we still have to handle our lives.

So, what do you do? Below are some tips and strategies to keep the fire fighting to a minimum.

Shopping not done?

If we’re just a few days out and your shopping isn’t done, throw out all those elaborate plans! We are not in a position to move mountains!

While it seems like you’re cheating…go and buy nice Christmas Cards and write personal notes. This will be remembered and often mean more than someone who buys stuff people will forget about.

If you have the means-buy everyone the same gift! Tickets to the Zoo, Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, whatever. Get the same thing for everyone and you’re done in minutes!

One of our favorite writers Judy Hedding did a piece with the Best Last Minute Gift Ideas.


Holiday Meal not planned?

Take the hour to call everyone you are expecting and do a quick count. Go to and search Holiday meals. They have the recipes and shopping lists all in one place.

If you have the means, order your meal! Most grocery stores and restaurants have an ordering process. They do the work, you just lay it out.

Don’t be stuck on the things you HAVE to do. You don’t HAVE to do anything. Decide what’s really important and go for it!

Didn’t decorate?

Skip it! Wear your ugliest Holiday sweater and make it a theme! Put on your Santa apron, or a Santa hat and call it good! Do not risk injury to make decorating happen that no one really cares about anyway!


If you didn’t have time to do things, you just didn’t have time. Change your plan, and enjoy the things that really matter. Those are spending time with your friends and family this Holiday Season-everything else is window dressing.

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