The “Owner’s Manual”


February 21, 2013 by Archer

The girls are very fond of their Household Manuals and are almost always within reach of them at any given time. They have every right to be:  Their Household Manuals may be the reason they consistently provide the highest levels of service to their significant others, the community, their students, and those  around them.
For years now, I’ve maintained what I have jokingly called “The Owner’s Manual” for my girl.  It has been a fairly comprehensive collection of facts about her that I feel are important. It includes things about her like:
· Health information, including conditions, medications, potential concerns, as well as health goals
· Friends and family members, and a way to contact them in case of emergency
· Personal preferences
· Routine schedule
About a year ago, I took my first real look at the Household Manual Tess had created. Wow! To say that I was impressed would be an understatement.   The detail, the comprehensive content, the tools and the organization were beyond anything I had ever imagined.
My confession: There was only one thing to do: I had to steal it (with her express permission, of course) for use in my Owner’s Manual. More accurately, I began to roll my existing (and now seemingly inadequate) Owner’s Manual into her Household Manual format.
The end result is impressive.  My Owner’s Manual has every tool and nearly every section that her Household Manual contains (but with an emphasis on her, and those projects and tasks I feel are mine to do.) I filled in many of the important areas that were now clearly visible, and to make it even more useful to me and us in our dynamic, I added additional sections. Some examples are:
·  Relationship Dynamic: Where did the dynamic start, where is it now, and where might it be going (and is that a place I want to take us?)
·  Communication: This section includes effective techniques and styles that work for us
·  Landmines and Triggers: We both have them, and they’re listed here.    If these can be identified, they can be respected, or worked through if that is what we decide)
·  Protocol/Ritual Development and Practice: These are very different for us than they are for most people we know so I spend a lot of time making sure they maintain their special meaning and  look for other opportunities to develop in this area.
·  Scenes and Fetishes:  What has worked particularly well, and what hasn’t?  What is exciting? What might that next, amazing best-scene-in-the-world look like??
I’ve also included:
· Personality Profiles: Sometimes, it is valuable to look at your partner through someone else’s eyes, and
· Various Worksheets: These are exercises we’ve done individually and together.
· Random Facts: I added this section recently. Once daily, I add one random fact that I’ve learned about her recently. While some are silly, some start to form patterns…. about each of us.
The Owner’s Manual is, like the Household Manual, a “living document.” Why would anyone spend so much time creating and maintaining it? The answer is simple: It helps me to be the best D type for my girl that I can. It is a primary tool to help me maintain responsibility for and with someone who is always on the move!

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