T’was the night before Christmas…


December 15, 2013 by Tess

…and then it was too late!

For many of us, the Holiday Season is full of activities: Events, Parties, Meals, Gift Buying, Gift Wrapping, Mailing Cards, and Planning Menus all seem to take our entire November and December! The key to managing the chaos is to PLAN! Plan now for your Holiday workload. Some planning can make your Holiday’s stress free! Holiday’s should be fun…for EVERYONE!

Now is the time to make a few lists and get organized. This is a great use for your “Projects” section in your Household Manual!

Some Lists to make

View our Holiday Tasks Template

Gifts to buy: When in doubt, check someone’s Amazon wish list or just buy Gift Cards! There is a courtesy outline of a Gift Shopping List -enjoy!

Holiday Entertaining

  • Parties
  • Meals

Holiday Project Plans

  • Sprucing up the house
  • Grooming the dogs
  • Shampooing the Carpet
  • Fix that broken door
  • Decorating
  • Tree Trimming
  • Shopping
  • Getting Invitations out
  • Making Placecards-Here is a neat Pinterest Board with cool placecard ideas! One of ours is even there!
  • Creating Menus-Here is a Holiday Menu Planning Template

Create a schedule! Put it on a calendar! Remember things like:

  • Deadlines to mail: Visit This US Postal Service List for shipping deadlines.
  • Deadlines to order things over the internet. View Amazon’s Deadlines here. Please note, those deadlines are ONLY for things sourced from Amazon.  
  • Lead time for professional help: Cleaning services including carpet and tile folks are VERY busy during the Hoiday Season. Same with dog groomers, handymen, and most trade professionals. Be sure to book those appointments early.

Don’t be afraid to let go of some things. No one will care that your house is spotless or you forgot to polish your silver! Focus on what is IMPORTANT: Your family, your friends, and the intimacy shared over the Holiday Season.

It’s OK, make your wish lists until you run out of paper, but be prepared to LET THINGS GO! Go to your significant other with your Magna Carta of lists and get some help with priorities. What matters to THEM?

Steps to a stress-free Holiday!

  1. Make your lists
  2. Create a schedule
  3. Start working on your list in order of priority
  4. Have reasonable goals and expectations!
  5. ENJOY your Holiday!

DON’T NEGLECT YOUR BUDGET! Create one. Stick to it. In January you will be grateful!

Ways to save a little cash at the Holidays:

  • Make presents
  • Make stocking stuffers
  • Bake instead of buying presents
  • Hand-deliver cards to people you will be seeing instead of mailing
  • Order things early to get free shipping
  • Shop Christmas sales-it requires some planning but can save you a bundle!

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